Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Show Me

October 04, 2016 / Amy Boukair

Don’t tell me how much money you make; show me how you value the people in your life.

I’m not interested in the books you’ve read, show me what you’ve learned in your time here on earth.

I’m not concerned with discussing your politics; show me your concern for the welfare of all mankind – friend or stranger.

I don’t care what music you listen to; show me what moves your soul; what sparks your passion.

Don’t preach about your religion; show me your compassion, patience, and kindness in any given difficult circumstance.

Don’t brag about your accomplishments; show me how you’ve changed not even THE world, but A world – even if in a very small way.

I don’t care if you can’t dance or sing, run a business, build a bridge, or climb a mountain; show me all of your vulnerabilities, your weaknesses, your faults.

All of what makes you, you. All of what makes us human.

I’m listening.

I’m watching.

Show me.

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