Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I'm Good...

September 08, 2016  /  Amy Boukair

I’m good.
I’m really good.
For real.
And it’s nice.
For a change.
Times recently were when things weren't so good.
Things were black.
Blacker than black.
Darker than dark.
A deep hole with no bottom.
I could picture myself falling through that abyss.
That was beyond scary. 
But, no longer.
Chemistry is at work.
Balance has been achieved.
I know my limits now.
I know my threshold of bullshit too.
I now know the border of me and the unacceptable.
I now know what I deserve.
And it's definitely better than I've had.
Better than one that only wants the sanity; can't handle the crazy.
Realize that I'm both and all. At the same time.
I don't depend on anyone else so step off. Step back.
It's up to me.
It always has been; always will be.
Grab on for the ride if you want.
Or I'll leave you behind.
I'm off.
I'm out. 
I'm on my way up.
I'm good.
Things are really good.
And it's nice.
For a change.
For a while.
For a long while.
For the rest of my life.
Things will be good.
I know it.

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