Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The New Blog Do

Just like my emotional hair, I got bored with the way my blog looked, so I changed the template. I initially started looking at WordPress templates, but didn’t want to bother with actually working on something new. I’m in too lazy a mood to muck around with learning. Luckily Blogger has added some new templates that don’t look totally stupid. So, here it is.

I do miss my calla lily picture though. But, it’s still on my website, so I guess it’s okay that it’s not here. Kind of makes the name of the blog a little silly now… but you’ll have that. Silly me.
Here she is...
 What do you guys think of the new layout?

Oh - and if you're looking at this on a mobile device - you get something totally different... just an fyi. :)

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